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General Terms & Conditions

Effctiveas of 1st March 2022

General Terms

AxenCloud Webhosting provides shared, vps, dedicated hosting that comes with a 3 days money-back period from the date of purchase. It has a refund process that takes 7 to 10 business days. AxenCloud Webhosting allows the easy and instantaneous upgradation of CPU and RAM. It also improves scalability when traffic increases on your website. If any client wants to cancel their hosting service after the 3-day trial period, they can request from the client panel. But, in this case, payment is non-refundable. For shared hosting, we at AxenCloud Webhosting, do backup in a weekly manner. But, you should also do backup regularly at your end too! There may be any technical issues at our end, and that’s why having a proper backup system from your panel is strongly suggested.

Vps, Dedicated Terms

VPS, called a virtual dedicated server, is a service associated with AxenCloud Webhosting service. It is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end-user on the internet using a cloud or hosting provider. VPS is installed on a physical machine operated by the cloud or hosting provider running multiple VPSs. VPS is the most flexible web hosting option and provides a private partition on a physical server with dedicated resources. A person can control, customize, and configure their virtual server. It is a perfect option for professionals who seek flexibility and power for their projects. The VPS server is non-refundable, so a customer should order them carefully according to their requirement. If anyone wants to cancel their service, they can do so from the admin panel. Their service will be canceled immediately. There is a billing cycle for VPS and dedicated servers. Clients can pay for their services by the monthly or yearly system. If you are opting for dedicated or VPS hosting, you should be aware that there are no backup systems for these two hosting services. So, the beneficiary must have a backup of their own responsibilities. If the beneficiary does reboot, restart, or reinstall, and no backup is available, the process will be back to the starting! That means you can’t access your previously uploaded content. The beneficiaries can control everything from their control panel. So, it is fully accessed by you only! In a nutshell, you have to backup regularly to avoid any undesirable circumstances!

SSL Cert Terms

SSL Certificates cannot be canceled on the site. It can be revoked, and payment is non-refundable in this case. SSL certificate is a digital form of a certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection. SSL means secure sockets layer and is a security protocol creating an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. Access to an SSL certificate is easy, and a user can easily get it.

Billing Terms

The billing cycle should be proper and up-to-the-minute! If, in any case, the billing cycle isn’t completed or gets delayed, AxenCloud Webhosting has the right to suspend or terminate at any time without any backup. The reminders will be sent for the billing cycle update. You should be responsive and contact us if you have any issues. If you think you can’t pay the bill in the scheduled billing cycle time, you should definitely contact our support team and discuss the matter beforehand! But after sending reminders, if you remain unresponsive and don’t complete the billing cycle, termination can also occur!SSL plan is basically done in a yearly manner. So, we should send you a reminder after 1st year fr the renewal process. Let’s say if you have a reminder to complete the billing cycle on the 24th of April and you don’t pay the amount decided, your SSL will be expired and be terminated.

Imp Points

If you think you can’t fulfill these terms and conditions, at any point of time, you can cancel the process. The cancellation is all dependent on the registrar’s cancellation policy of the domain. The user should agree to all the terms mentioned above. If, in any case, you do not agree to any of the foregoing terms, then you must discontinue the registration process and discontinue your use of the services. If you don’t want any kind of service, you can cancel your account. But, AxenCloud Webhosting won’t be responsible for your termination and cancellation process.

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